Sunday, May 11, 2014

Verses and Flow, Part 2

Some living color at Verses and Flow. The pre-party was lavish, awash in violet light, fresh hors d'oeuvres, and instant ice cream. Liquid nitrogen freezes the mix in 9 seconds, no chance for crystals to form, so it's creamy. Also an open bar and mixed drinks, mostly aqua and turquoise. I could have got drunk on the colors alone. Speaking of which...

I wish someone had advised me of the dress code. Poetry events are usually pretty dressed-down, with maybe cool shoes (see above). However, these three young women were not the only ones who were dressed to express, and how they did shine. I actually just acquired a little black dress, so I could have risen to the occasion, had I but known. But seriously:  almost everyone there was highly put-together, men and women. A fair amount of posing in areas that looked to have been set up especially for that purpose, with draped backdrops, a dais, a spotlight. A gorgeous crowd.

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