Tuesday, March 31, 2015

C'mon, c'mon, take a closer look

One of my mentors says that, if you really intend to get published, you should have at least 40 submissions out at all times. Right now I have 45. Of these, two have been out for 245 days, 60 days longer than the journal estimated. In fact, 30 of the 45 have been out longer than the editors estimated. Now, if those editors are holding on to the poems or photos because these are still in the running, well OK, but make up yer minds awready. C'mon! You're not keeping Lent, you're not chasing down or sweeping up chametz for Passover. You can do this. If you like what I sent you, accept it and let me know!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day--the 3 Americas

1. There are three Americas. The first knows that today is Pi Day, and rejoices. The second doesn't know what you are talking about. The third doesn't know what you are talking about, and resents you for knowing and being happy about it.

2. In 1887, the Indiana State House of Representatives passed a bill setting the value of pi at 3.2. To be fair, this bill did not pass the other chamber.

3.The above photo is an example of squaring the circle, which cannot be done.

4. Chocolate makes all things possible. Below, an example of how pi can be square.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Only Connect


Wonderful people work at our local Trader Joe's. Not only are they willing to go to great lengths to keep the shelves stocked with fresh food, they are fun. And interesting. Just today, I overheard two young women discover that not only had they attended the same university, they had graduated from the same writing program, and had each specialized in poetry. I quickly sidled up to them and told them about Fourth Sundays, the local poetry reading series that I help curate. Hey, Lina! Hey, Sara! I really hope I'll see one or both of you at 2pm at the Claremont Public Library (208 N. Harvard Avenue) on March 22. You'll recognize the source of most of the refreshments.