Friday, August 10, 2012

News from the Giant Pumpkin

This fine specimen is already 45" (113cm ) tall, after only one month of growth..  She is the baby of Sergio, gardener and keeps-it-all-running guy at the north campus of Napa Valley College in St. Helena, California.  She started with a seed from last year's winner, a pumpkin weighing in at 1800+ lbs.  Sergio keeps her protected from the sun so she will not scar or split.  He also pinches off all the pretender pumpkins who might sap the plant's energies.  At 3-4 days since being a blossom, these are already 6" across.

The news, however, is that my chapbook of  (mostly) prose poems, Burrowing Song, has been accepted for publication by Sammy Greenberg of Kattywompus Press.  I am so delighted to have a manuscript with this fine independent publisher.  The book itself may be out by the beginning of 2013.  As Sammy says, "Welcome to the wompus!" 

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