Monday, October 22, 2018

Getting to be a slog...

...though not in a bad way, if I can say that. It's not only that my verse seems barren of new pride, and that I'm saying to myself, "Also not a poem!" but also that I'm saying "So what?" Apparently, so are others in my cohort. They're feeling drained. A lot of the posts on the web site are about having nothing to say. Oh, I hear you. (Go to if you want to see what I mean.) People are digging deep, into old matters, casting wide to snag something out of their day-to-day, even flailing a bit (who, me?). Though yesterday I did write quite a lengthy poem about strategies writers use to call up inspiration. Shannon Winward, are you listening???? Meta enough for ya?

As in this photo, where you glimpse the promised golden land, I do believe I will get there.

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