Sunday, August 25, 2013

Adventures on the road: another sestina challenge

I was supposed to meet last Thursday with my poetry buddy, Judith Terzi. She got caught up in a terrible freeway embouteillage:  a bus carrying seniors to a casino turned over, and inevitably all traffic stopped. (Wondering hard about a day in a casino being so many older folks' idea of a good time, but never mind.) She used the time, though, and noted words to be used as teluons for a follow-up to my Freeway Sestina from a few years back. (See links <---). She suggested brewery, bus, lane, jam, curb, bingo, and, gambling. I offered  beer, helicopter, accident, trap, bowl, and odds. We'll see whether either one of us can contrive a sestina on any subject at all from any six of these.  Right now, I am inclining towards jam, bingo, trap, odds, bus, and either beer of brewery.

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