Friday, October 1, 2010

Shout out to Mr. Johnston, wherever you are

I have the task and privilege of singing in the chorus of the Repertory Opera Company's production of The Magic Flute.  Very fine principals, piano reduction marvelously and tirelessly played by Brian Farrell, and gifted staging by LizBet Lucca.  Here are some scenes from the (approximately) women's dressing room:

Papageno (John Hansen) and Pamina (Aneta Augustyn), bff.

Papagena, pre- (Christina Linton) and Aneta Augustyn (Pamina)

Papageno (John Hansen) and Papagena, definitely pre- (Christina Linton)

Sprites and chorus members:  Lauren Jorgensen, Crystale Mineros, Sara Blanton, Eddie Sayles, Becky Broyles, and some folks' backs (sorry)

The Queen of the Night dresses her own wig, while one of her armored Ladies helps Papagena with her post- gown (Keiko Clark, Coril Prochnow, Christina Linton), and a sprite waits (Destinie Dominguez).

The other two armored Ladies, horribly beweaponed and at the ready (Ariel Pisturino and Debbie Dey).

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